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​Application process

​①Viewing(offline or online)


Support is available through telephone, e-mail, and DMs.

Please feel free to contact us and schedule a viewing!

​②Move-in application and review & approval


About 1 week after application

After viewing the apartment, please file an application to move in.
Your application will be reviewed by a guarantor (if you do not have a cosigner).

​​③Contract procedure and moving in


From one day to about a month and a half after review & approval.

After the screening and signing of the contract, you can move in.
We will schedule a date to hand you the keys and guide you through the move-in process.

Conditions for moving in

To  find  out  about  the  fees,  conditions  and  other  details,  please  consult  the  corresponding  floor’s information page.

All Gender Restroom Sign_edited.jpg

Age and gender​

Age: 18-40 years old 
Gender: 2F Male/Female, 3F Female only

2F イメージ_010.jpg

​Lease period​

6 months or more (negotiable)

3F イメージ_005.jpg


-People willing and able to follow the rules of communal living   
-Any nationality is welcome! (The ability to communicate in simple Japanese is required)  

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